Fraud and risk management are of paramount importance to any business, whatever the size. To help you mitigate these concerns, EK Tech provides a sophisticated suite of technologies designed to detect and prevent risk associated with fraud.


  • SSL encryption and authentication
  • OFAC and blacklist (account number/customer/country) scrubs
  • Funds verification
  • Validating: account and routing number structure, area code and customer address by comparing given state and city to given area code
  • Duplicate transaction prevention
  • IP Activity Limit – configure the number of accepted transactions from a given IP address
  • Large Transaction Notification – monitoring unusually large transaction sizes
  • Address Verification System (AVS) Checks and Card Security Code Checks to verify customer identity
  • Checking customer email address to ensure validity
  • Blocking credit cards that have been submitted and declined twice in 24 hours
  • A variety of other risk mitigation tools based on your industry category

We support a wide variety of industries – Contact us to find out more and to ask whether your industry category will be supported