For all card present transactions, we offer the ability to accept credit cards face to face with a range of card terminal options tailored to your business needs. Our experienced team will provide you with an easy to use and secure solution for accepting all major credit cards.


  • Customer authentication and authorisation
  • A range of card terminal options: desktop, portable and mobile
  • Dial-up/Broadband, wireless and data connections available – no need for additional infrastructure
  • Traditional, chip and NFC (Near-Field Communication) cards accepted
  • Full technical support available
  • Scheduled settlement to your bank account
  • Secure Merchant Portal with an easy-to-use interface allowing you to manage and review transactions, configure settings and review balances
  • Downloadable account statements, returns and submission reports
  • Fraud and risk management through a configurable system
  • Personalised support to manage chargebacks and declines
  • Assistance with full PCI DSS compliance
  • Address Verification System (AVS) Checks and Card Security Code Checks to verify customer identity
  • Adherence to all Issuer rules and regulations (including AML/CTF)

We support a wide variety of industries – Contact us to find out more and to ask whether your industry category will be supported