Prepaid Card Building Programme

Use reloadable prepaid cards for employee compensation and disbursement or as a way to replace traditional costly and inconvenient paper cheques. A prepaid card programme may also be an integral part of a robust marketing campaign, offering customers rewards and incentives for their purchases. Prepaid cards can be accepted anywhere as credit card. EK Tech can build, install and manage a prepaid card programme that suits your business needs..


  • Fast access to fundsAll the functionality of other credit and debit cards, and can be configurable specifically for your program
  • Easy loading and reloading of cards by authorised participating merchant chains
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Unique designs to reflect your brand/business
  • Secure Merchant Portal with an easy-to-use interface allowing you to manage and review transactions, configure settings and review balances
  • Downloadable account statements, returns and submission reports
  • Fraud and risk management through a configurable system
  • Address Verification System (AVS) Checks and Card Security Code Checks to verify customer identity
  • Adherence to all Issuer rules and regulations (including AML/CTF)

We support a wide variety of industries – Contact us to find out more and to ask whether your industry category will be supported